Exciting news for the Idaho Tote!
New and Innovative changes have taken place for 2018!


New air delivery system including larger capacity air Reservoir, better switches, new air filtration system and a new pressure sensing device.

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The perfect solution for RV’ers who want to take along their 4-wheelers… motorcycles… golf carts… or any other recreational equipment.


The Idaho Tote is an extension of your motor coach or 5th wheel. Simply weld the provided attachment to your recreational vehicle and the Idaho Tote easily bolts right on! You cannot jackknife … It does not sway …

The Idaho Tote turns automatically as it senses the turning pressure from your motor coach or 5th wheel … simply put, it steers itself!

It works just as well traveling down the highway, or backing into a camp site. Maneuver your RV with the Idaho Tote attached as one unit, worry free!

So don’t leave your toys at home… bring them along, worry free, with the Idaho Tote.

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How Your Idaho Tote Works:

The Idaho Tote is equipped with a Pressure Sensing Steering Axle (PSSA). When pressure is applied from turning, the wheels will automatically steer!

The Idaho Tote has an onboard compressed air system which is used to change the position of the axle when traveling forward and rearward.  Affixed to the axle system are 2 Firestone air bags.  One is inflated when traveling down the highway.  The other will be inflated when you shift into reverse.  In addition to the normal stop, turn and tail lights in the electrical plug, which needs to be installed on the rear of the unit to which the Tote is attached.

A 10 GAUGE WIRE WITH AN INLINE 40 AMP FUSE is used for the charge wire system. A wire from the backup light system on the trailer must be wired to the Center Post in the plug or the Idaho tote will not shift and steer in reverse.

Your onboard batteries in your motor coach are used for the charge wire system.

The axle system is designed with king pin slope; this creates posture which makes the wheels want to steer.